The Longest Trip I Made to the Northern Part of The Earth So Far (Oslo, Norway)

From Frankfurt Hahn to Frankfurt Airport by bus, I finally landed in Oslo Rygge. It was late night, and I was looking for a face I called home. Not that crowded in Rygge, so it’s easy to find Andrea, my best friend. With her big smile showing her teeth, she walked to me and hugged me. For at least a year, we finally met each other again. David, her dad, picked me up as well, and we drove to Ås where Andrea lived. David went back to Lillehammer, two-hours drive from where we were. Image

A Welcoming gift from Andrea



Then we had a city tour around Oslo the next day. Oslo is not as large as I thought. It took only an hour to explore Oslo on foot. The first day in Oslo, it’s not snowing yet, but freezing.










Victor Harbor, South Australia

In one freezing Sunday morning, most international students went to Victor Harbor and Urimbirra Wildlife Park. I touched Kangaroos and fed them for the first time. Also, the granite island in Victor Harbor really attracts tourists to come and take pictures. Although it was freezing, we enjoyed the nature around us, the sea, the beach, and everything. There is this one horse tram in Victor Harbor. I feel sorry for the horse.

IMG_0355 IMG_0366 IMG_0373 IMG_0395 IMG_0419 IMG_0439 IMG_0443 IMG_0444 IMG_0448 IMG_0453 IMG_0470

University of Adelaide

Located in South Australia, University of Adelaide is a great place to study. I got the chance to study here in one semester, July 2013- November 2013 as an exchange student. So far, I enjoy my time being in University of Adelaide. It has a great atmosphere and there are many area in campus to relax, study, and meet new friends. It is also located in the heart of Adelaide, around the University of South Australia, Art Gallery of South Australia, state library, and the museum. A great shopping center is across the road, named Rundle Mall. I love this university, and I am pretty sure I am going back for my master degree.


IMG_0205 IMG_0273

IMG_0286 IMG_1351

IMG_0340 IMG_2081


Parsley Resto, Yogyakarta

Parsley Bakery and Resto in Jalan Kaliurang Jogja is my favorite place to hang out with my friends and enjoy the best food in town. The price range is between $2-$10. They have the best Nasi Goreng (fried rice). I’ve tried the breakfast menu & the duck breast salad and boom! I love it! Sometimes they have live music at night which makes the place become cozier! You should go here when you’re in Jogja and we probably meet.




My First Cooking Night

So, this was my first cooking night in AIESEC. We went to Andrea’s host family’s place and had a cooking night. Andrea cooked a yummo Norwegian soup while Nilo&Pinar(Germany) made some pancakes & pasta salad. Andrea also presented her country in the mid of the cooking night. It was fun & an interesting bonding time!